we make fashion from paper

give us a paper sketch and we will make it into a garment

we have over 30 years of experience. having done development for most of the major fashion houses in nyc and have help launch several new fashion houses from just a paper sketch by some very creative designers. origami garments is the extension of our expert knowledge of our master pattern makers in combination modern technology to enable anyone with a creative inspiration to make their vision to an actual garment. we employ modern technology and our low tech paper pattern prowess, abet still some paper cuts once in awhile.

paper the original tech revolution

why should the light bulb get all the glory when it comes to inspiration, we think paper should get credit, because paper is always present when imagination becomes reality. just think of how many inventions, literature, art and songs have beginnings from jottings on a scrap of paper.

what did all the great artists use?

what did all the great composers work on?

what did the edison use to invent the light bulb?

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